Custom Order Rugs & Carpets

Custom made rugs and carpets is an innovative process for buying carpets wherein it is you, who will decide all the facets in producing your very own carpet rather than the other way round.

And not surprisingly, this is fast becoming one of the most preferred ways of buying carpets these days.

We offer custom design rugs and carpets that would be completely made to order on the basis of your preferred colors, designs, size, quality & finish.

For this you can select from our vast range of carpet pictures (that you may want to order in different sizes, colors, designs than already displayed) or we can always make the exact same carpets based on your specific requests.

You can also choose a particular design from the existing selection at our website and opt for a change in some or all colors and amalgamate the same with another carpets quality or type too.

Our managing partner a rug expert – Rohit Sharma has 20+ years of experience and expertise in guiding our clients in best selection of rugs for their bespoke homes.

We consistently recommend the process of custom ordering carpets when a person is looking to buy carpets in specified colors, designs or sizes as there is a limited selection available in these specific cases and hence it becomes all the more prudent to go for custom-ordered carpets that comply with all your requirements in the most comprehensive manner.

And all this can be achieved in as less as 12-16 weeks time for wool & wool/silk blend carpets and for silk carpets this could be a minimum of 35 weeks up to 70 weeks.

However the exact delivery schedule would depend on the size, the specific design, involvement of colors, quality, etc.

The distinct advantage in this case would be that you are able to get a special custom-ordered carpet that is exclusively produced just for you in Kashmir, India in your exact shades of colors, motifs, overall design and most importantly the precise size that can be defined by you right up to the measurements in inches including the fringes (tassels) too.

This has been an extremely standard procedure that most people undertake that offers exclusivity from the design perspective and custom-ordered detail in the entire carpet.

Over the years, we have specialized in creating superlative masterpieces for hundreds of our customers who demand products that are unique, rare and would be unavailable in regular supply.

Hence the custom ordered craft is offered in such cases wherein the buyer wants a carpet to be produced as per his or her choice related to colors, designs, sizes, shapes, (square, rectangle, round, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.), motifs, quality and type that would complement not just the dcor or theme of the house but would reflect the inherent personality of the person.

We would be continuously updating this section with a range of choices in various types of carpet designs in many different colors, designs and motifs. You can choose from the present selection from here (or from our vast range in other sections of the website) and request for a quote (would be mailed to you) from us.

Personalized Rugs for Businesses

In addition to our client’s getting custom design rugs for their bespoke homes, several corporate and business houses have ordered handmade and hand knotted Kashmir custom made rugs.

One of the biggest advantages of personalized rugs for business is the branding.

Do you require half a  dozen carpets that are having same theme and color scheme? Yes, we undertake such projects.

For most of the personalized rugs for business we offer custom made wool carpets and custom made caravan carpets; which are most popular in business houses and corporate world. 

We have been crafting custom made pure silk carpets along with blend of wool-silk carpets for the past two decades.

Please review the terms and conditions of ordering custom made carpets and rugs.

In addition to oriental design carpets and rugs in geometric and floral type; we also offer custom made contemporary design rugs.

Another unique and popular custom made carpets are pictorial rugs, that depict art of various types and can have painting like theme, for example a hunting scene or a complete artistic flower vase.

Custom Handmade, Hand Knotted Carpets & Rugs

Why Custom Design Rugs?

So that each of these rugs remains exclusive and unique, we offer a custom made option only for these.

You can commission any of these designs in the Jazz or Ciele collections in any construction type – hand-tufted or hand-knotted, any material – wool, organic silk, viscose or a combination of any of these fibers, any size, quality or even shape.

Simply speaking, each of these rugs are custom made in a bespoke manner and will represent an extension of your own persona.

Our company believes in presenting a fresh perspective in the handmade rugs business.

Therefore we have done away with the age-old system of showcasing ready inventory of our chosen rugs as per our preferred colors, designs, etc. from where you are expected to make a choice.

We feel that is best suited for the Traditional, Oriental world of hand-knotted carpets and rugs.

Why not buy such an au courant and piece of floor art in an unconventional, hip but easy way?

And the way to go about it is custom-order!!!

For those interested in buying a piece of art right away, we have in our collection 2,000+ carpets at our Mumbai based showroom located at World Trade Centre.

We have vast collection of exquisite carpets for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and under the coffee table rugs.

Types of rug constructions

Hand-tufted Custom Made Rugs »

A hand tufted rug is manufactured utilizing a tufting gun with needles mounted in the front.

The production process is conducted by operating the machine by hands.

The tufted gun employed to create artistic floor pieces shoots soft and lustrous yarns into base. The rug is produced on a frame which is laced up with a cotton foundation with the imprint of the design on it.

Due to the set mechanism the yarn is shot and pulled back on the surface. This specially designed machine is loaded with all the required equipment; it creates the loop and also makes a cut, as per the demand of the design.

For more in depth knowledge on carpet knots; click here.

Once the tufts are done, the floor covering is then backed with latex covering to ensure endurance. In hand-knotted rugs the criterion is the knots per square inch whereas in hand-tufted rugs it is the weight of the rug. More the weight means more labor involved leading to enhanced durability and superior finish.

Hand-tufted rugs are the preferred choice of millions of homes, especially of the present avant-garde generation primarily due to the inherent characteristics of fabulous, trendy designs in à la mode, colors and at nearly one third the cost of the hand-knotted rugs.

Hand-tufted rugs are hugely popular today and rightly so! These rugs are easy to produce, can be customized as per your requirements in your preferred Hot pinks or Imperial blues (or in any other shade in the world!); in any motif you desire and are still very inexpensive.

Hand-knotted Custom Order Rugs »

Hand-knotted rugs are an intense labor of love whereby each tuft in a rug is created by literally tying a knot around a warp thread.

This ancient and time-honored technique of weaving is extremely intricate, time-consuming, and demands ability that most weavers can only achieve after years of extensive training.

Larger rugs often employ as many as a dozen skilled artisans working on a single rug at the same time.

This process may take as few as three months and as long as two years to yield a single rug, of course depending on the size, quality, design and other parameters.

One of the most important and determining factors in the quality of hand-knotted rugs that affects the durability and price is the knots (or stitches) per square inch of any given rug.

The durability of the rug increases manifold corresponding with the increase in the density of the knots per square inch in the rug, as it is an established fact that more the number of knots adds more life to the rug that in turn gives luster, shine and intricate design to the overall pattern or the motif of the rug.

And if you prefer the amalgamation of the nouveau styles, uber chic colors and new age fibers with the classic and timeless elegance of fine strands of yarns involved in a magical mix of warp and weft, then a hand-knotted rug is just perfect for you.

You can choose an abstract, Ciele design and request a commissioning of a hand-knotted rug in your preferred colors and let the mystique weave its charm.

Though a hand-knotted rug takes more time to be made compared with a hand-tufted one but if you aspire for a rug that inspires a legacy then it has to be a knotted rug.

Custom Made Carpets Gallery (International & Domestic) »


Be it hand-tufted or hand-knotted, these rugs can be custom-ordered in hand-spun Kashmir wool, New Zealand wool, organic (bamboo) silk, viscose, mulberry silk or a combination of any of these materials too.

Pile height (thickness)

Generally our hand-tufted rugs have standard pile height of 12 to 14 mm and hand-knotted rugs have standard pile height of 10 to 12 mm. However even this aspect can be customized as per your specific requirements.

Sample or a strike-off

You can order a hand-tufted or a hand-knotted sample in 1’x1’ or 2’x2’ size in your selected colors, design, quality, etc. for a nominal cost and we will ship it through FedEx. A sample typically gets made in 3 weeks time for hand-tufted and 4 weeks for hand-knotted. Please add one additional week for shipping the sample.

Please note that a strike-off is not a miniature rug but is to be used as a partial representation of the actual design as per the proportional limitations.


Generally, it takes between 8 to 10 weeks to custom-make a hand-tufted rug and 12 to 14 weeks for a hand-knotted rug depending on the intensity of the design/motif and usage of colors, quality and size.

Custom Order Durries »

In addition to oriental carpets and rugs, we have a vast range of wool and cotton durries.


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