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When you buy a round carpet you may place it below center table or center of a living room where the furniture
and fixtures are placed in the peripheral positions.

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Our round shaped carpets are available from 3′ to 9′ in diameter.

We have a wide and a splendid range in Handmade Round carpets that we have been producing in our
traditional hand-loom by expert artisans who specialize in this shape since generations. Round-shaped carpets
are extremely rare to find, as it requires skill and expertise that is usually acquired by an inborn skill and by
dexterous training.

Round carpets are never in a perfect circle because they are woven using a square loom and
the weaver has to estimate the dimensions of the circle. In fact, it is these very imperfections that lend a round
rug its tremendous value. These rugs are therefore very difficult to weave and exist as a testament to the
weaver’s skills.

This web site is the best place to buy a round carpet which are also known as circular carpets.
Our entire range of Round carpets have some of the most unique motifs and color combinations with their
distinct long and flowing border frills that enhances the overall beauty and splendor of the appearance of the

These round carpets come in the finest quality and are entirely made of finest Merino (New Zealand)
wool and can be used in diverse areas like living room, formal area, dining area (custom-made round carpets
can be ordered in large diameters) and other such places. The length and width are equal in a round rug, and
they are the same as the diameter of the rug, so when looking for a round rug, look for our standard sizes such
as 3’x3′, 4’x4′, 5’x5′, 6’x6′ 8’x8′ and 9’x9′.

Traditionally circular carpets have been unique and rare and were custom-made in most instances. The oldest
round rug is a sixteenth-century Mamluk. Mamluk rugs were woven in Egypt and had complex geometric designs
with large medallions.

Circular carpets were also woven in French Aubusson and Savonnerie styles in the seventeenth and eighteenth

However in the past 40 years, round rugs have become more popular in various parts of the world
including US, Europe and parts of Asia-Pacific due to changing needs and requirements. The colors are fast as
we are using chrome dyes; the carpets are moth proof too. The life of these types of carpets is 70 – 80 years
making them virtually a lifetime purchase.


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