Step 1: Our Artist preparing the ‘Talim’
[Sketch] of the carpet design.

Step 2: Pre-preparation on
the loom.

Step 3: The magic of carpet weaving

Step 4: Our weaver using 16 different
colored silk threads to create a
master piece.

Step 5: Our artistan tying more than 600
knots per square inch to create the high
quality carpets admired the world over.

The fine art of making of carpets and rugs has been mastered by our artisans over decades.

We are privileged to have served hundred of domestic and global clients; with unique handmade and hand knotted carpets, that add value and opulence to their bespoke homes.

Our Mumbai based showroom at World Trade Center showcases 2000+ carpets in wide variety of colors, designs sizes and shapes.

The carpets and rugs are ideally suited for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms in addition to getting placed under the coffee tables.

We have an unique collection of carpets that adorn the walls: pictorial wall hanging carpets. These masterpieces are loved by our clients and have a unique impact in the places where they are placed.

In addition, to the vast range at our showroom, we offer custom order carpets and rugs to discerning clients.

The most popular fibers for making carpets are pure wool or pure silk and sometimes an unique blend of wool and silk.

From the quality point of view, we offer certificate of authenticity with each and very carpet sold online or from our showroom.

We offer free shipping within India and to 120 countries with exclusive tie-up with FedEx.

The most popular designs are floral, geometric / tribal and the unique pictorial.