Call us on +91 – 98193 09474 to book your Trunk Show!

We now offer the latest international concept in luxury products “Trunk Shows” at your doorstep. This unique service, though currently available only in Mumbai, is for select viewing, where we present some of our exclusive and superlative products to the privileged few.

Trunk shows are available all throughout the year and can be arranged, on request, by simply giving us a call or an email and explain your requirements and we will be glad to showcase our handpicked selection of spectacular carpets, rugs, and enigmatic Pashmina and Cashmere shawls, scarves, and stoles at your doorstep.

This will be an exclusive and a privileged show for you, where you can indulge in previewing our opulent products in the luxurious confines of your home (or office) without bothering to step into the hustle and bustle in the streets of Mumbai.

Feel like royalty and call us now at our 24-hour numbers – to book your personal Trunk Show now!

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