How to select best coffee table rugs?

Looking for the best in class coffee table rugs?

Welcome to the world of oriental design coffee table rugs!

As one of the leading craftsmen of oriental carpets and rugs for past three decades, in India; we have the experience and expertise in delivering high quality exquisitely designed carpets for not just coffee table but also for living rooms, dining and bedrooms.

Oriental design coffee table carpet for home and offices
Oriental coffee table carpet for residences and corporate meeting rooms.

Let us attempt to answer: Why need to place a carpet under a coffee table?

In most of the bespoke homes, we have adequate space around the coffee table where we occasionally sit for an evening / morning cup of tea/coffee.

Most of our visitors, friends and family; meet and greet around the coffee table.

Hence, the importance of placing an oriental coffee table rugs below the table.

Even important business discussions take place over a cup of coffee.

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Customized Coffee Table Rug »

The typical size of the carpet that is placed below a coffee table is 5 feet by 3 feet or generally 6 feet by 4 feet.

In addition, to the standard rectangular carpets and rugs, you have the option of customized coffee table rug.

Do you fancy a round / square / oval coffee table rug?

Yes, we provide complete services from selection of size, shape, colors and even designs!

Just call +91 – 98193 09474 or e-mail us on with your requirements and we will be glad to help you.

7 by 5 Wool Silk Coffee Table Rug
Wool silk Coffee table rug

Here are some options of coffee table rugs:

Selection by Material pure silk / silk-wool blend / pure wool:

Each of the popular oriental carpets materials: silk/wool or a blend of both has its own advantages and dis-advantages.

Let us look closely into each of them.

Pure Silk Coffee Table Rugs & Carpets »

Pure silk is one of the finest and the most exquisite materials in nature!

The sheer luster / sheen and opulence of an oriental silk carpet remains in a class by itself.

For those who are on the lookout of having a luxury of having a pure silk carpet for their living room coffee-table, look no further.

Yes, we can customize the pure silk carpet for placing under the coffee-table as per your choice of size, shape, colours and designs.

Advantages: luster / sheen and opulence.

Disadvantages: luxury item!

Hand knotted coffee table rug
Hand knotted coffee table carpet

Pure Wool Coffee Table Rugs & Carpets »

Pure wool is one of the most resilient natural fibers.

We exclusively use 100% pure Merino wool from New Zealand, that can withstand decades of usage!

To view our complete collection of ready to buy pure wool carpets: click here!

Here are some of the popular pure wool carpets available at our Mumbai based World Trade Center showroom:

Advantages: very long life, even with regular usage.

Disadvantages: may absorb moisture/dust.

Although, there is a slight disadvantage in having a coffee-table made from pure wool, we offer professional cleaning services in Mumbai.

Just call +91 – 98193 09474 or e-mail us on with your cleaning and maintenance requirements and we will be glad to help you.

Customized pure wool coffee-table rugs & carpets »

Similar to the silk coffee-table rugs & carpets, we offer complete customized solutions for wool versions too.

The best of the both worlds: wool silk blended coffee-table table rugs & carpets!

An unique blend of wool and silk, that results in carpets that are having the advantages of both and disadvantages of none!

Here is the collection of some of the best wool-silk carpets at our Mumbai base showroom: click here!

Selection Process:

  1. Measure your room: How large is your living room? This will guide you in deciding the size of your coffee-table rug and subsequently the carpet under it.

  2. Size and shape of table: Ideally, the coffee-table rug should be same or large by a foot than the top of the table dimensions. Having a 5 by 3 coffee-table will require a carpet of same size or 6 feet by 4 feet.

  3. Shape of the table: For unique / different shaped tables, we generally suggest similar shape carpet. We can help in designing a carpet of perfect proportions to your table.

  4. Room decor: The overall look of your bespoke home and living room, should match and the carpet should complement the ambiance of the place. This is the whole point in having an unique hand made / hand knotted carpet in the first place.

Floral design coffee table carpet

Conclusion »

Rest assured that we have the finest collection of coffee-table rugs, that suits our domestic and international clients.

Just call +91 – 98193 09474 or e-mail us on with your requirements and we will be glad to help you.

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