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Besides the pure wool and pure silk carpets, our master craftsmen in Kashmir also produce an exquisite range of carpets that have a spectacular blend of both the natural fibers resulting in wool silk rugs.

This exceptionally dazzling collection of carpets & rugs in the wool/silk blended category has been launched after years of extensive and continuous research by artists who have a known expertise in producing masterpieces.

The concept of blending two of the most traditional fibers of carpet-making together is centuries old but has never been mass produced simply due to the monumental task and efforts required for amalgamating the two materials and thus achieving a quality that surpasses all the existing categories and types of carpets.

However with continuous years of practiced and accomplished workmanship, we have been able to produce the finest quality of hand-made wool/silk blended carpets & rugs that are being uniquely produced in our factory in Kashmir and undoubtedly you will be able to make a choice from this extensive range of the most enticing range of carpets & rugs.

We having been delivering custom made wool silk carpets and rugs for our international and domestic clients since past two decades.

Our wool silk rugs and carpet have varying composition of wool and silk and depend on the intricacy of the design or the motif.

These inherently beautiful wool silk rugs & carpets are one of the most hard-wearing types in the handmade, hand-knotted category and extremely resilient and robust to high wear and tear for medium to high traffic areas.

Hence these carpets & rugs are ideal for most parts of your home or work place and can be placed in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, corridors or just about anywhere!


Angora Abadeh


Coral Tabas


Crimson Nahavand


Garnet Heriz


Glacial Blue Qum

NOTE: All our hand-knotted carpets and rugs come with a fringe (tassels) including this carpet. Wool and wool/silk blend carpets usually have a cotton fringe while all our silk carpets have a fringe made of 100% pure silk. The photographs have been cropped for aesthetics purpose only.

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