we have an entire generation of satisfied customers who have relied on us for any kind of requirements in carpets, rugs and shawls. We are proud partners of several hundred agents and small traders who have limited capital to invest and therefore find our patented package tailored for such situation that has helped in transforming the lives of hundreds of families all over the world.

Carpets For Dining Room

For bulk requirements we have various modules with adjustable discounts based on the individual needs of the buyer and the quantity that he may require. We have an established expertise since several decades in processing bulk shipments in a stipulated timeframe to any part of the world. Being manufacturers and having an entire team of artists, in-house designers, weavers and other such key personnel we have a huge advantage over regular traders and retailers in terms of fast production, low prices and an uncompromising eye on the quality and finish of our products and unbeatable service in shipping products all over the globe.


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