Are your rugs hand-knotted or hand-tufted? What is the difference?

We do both kinds of rugs – hand-knotted and hand-tufted. However all our ready-in-stock carpets and rugs are only hand-knotted and are made in pure wool, pure silk and pure wool/silk blend. At present, we do hand-tufted rugs only on custom-order.

Hand-knotted rugs »

Hand-knotted rugs are an intense labor of love whereby each tuft in a rug is created by literally tying a knot around a warp thread. This ancient and time-honored technique of weaving is extremely intricate, time-consuming, and demands ability that most weavers can only achieve after years of extensive training.

Larger rugs often employ as many as a dozen skilled artisans working on a single rug at the same time. This process may take as few as three months and as long as two years to yield a single rug, of course depending on the size, quality, design and other parameters.

One of the most important and determining factors in the quality of hand-knotted rugs that affects the durability and price is the knots (or stitches) per square inch of any given rug. The durability of the rug increases manifold corresponding with the increase in the density of the knots per square inch in the rug, as it is an established fact that more the number of knots per square inch adds more life to the rug that in turn gives luster, shine and intricate design to the overall pattern or the motif of the rug.

Hand-tufted rugs »

A hand tufted rug is manufactured utilizing a tufting gun with needles mounted in the front. The production process is conducted by operating the machine by hands. The tufted gun employed to create artistic floor pieces shoots soft and lustrous yarns into base.

The rug is produced on a frame which is laced up with a cotton foundation with the imprint of the design on it. Due to the set mechanism the yarn is shot and pulled back on the surface. This specially designed machine is loaded with all the required equipments; it creates the loop and also makes a cut, as per the demand of the design. Once the tufts are done, the floor covering is then backed with latex covering to ensure endurance. In hand-knotted rugs the criterion is the knots per square inch whereas in hand-tufted rugs it is the weight of the rug. More the weight means more labor involved leading to enhanced durability and superior finish.

Our hand tufted rugs can be made with a plain, flat surface or the surface can be carved to add extra depth to the design. Alternatively, we can loop areas of the design to create a textural feel or include Bamboo silk or Viscose detailing to add a silky shimmer to specific areas of the design in the rug.

Do your carpets provide any insulation & comfort?

Carpet provides an added measure of warmth and insulation with its millions of fibers and places between them to hold warmth or to insulate against extreme heat or cold. It’s warmer to sit on or work on, providing more stable temperatures for foot and leg comfort near the floor. In colder climates or seasons, it retains warm air longer, an important benefit in our energy-conscious world. In warm climates, it also insulates against invasive heat.

What protection does your carpets provide against safety from Slip/Fall?

Especially for small children, seniors, and generally the entire family, safety in the home is a primary focus. We seek a stable, non-slick walking surface that prevents slips and falls and for the time when someone does trip, a surface that protects from bruises and other injuries. Carpet is great for cushioning our foot steps, minimizing slips and minimizing injuries from falls. It’s hard to watch a toddler take his first steps on a cold hard floor. Carpet’s softness and cushioning nature is ideal for family activity – whether it is the first steps of a toddler, the slow steps of the grandparent, or the fast action of the mother or teen-ager.

What are the sound reduction qualities of your carpets?

Carpet is as Easy on Your Ears as Your Feet.

With the introduction of computers, speaker telephones, big screen TV’s and video games, our homes have become a lot noisier. Fortunately, the solution to this problem of airborne sounds can be found right below our feet — carpet.

Carpet not only serves as a beautiful floor covering, it also provides sound insulation. Additionally, carpet creates an aesthetic ambiance conducive to lowered voices and heightened privacy. The sound-reducing qualities of carpet include.

1. Carpet absorbs sound »

Recently, home builders have moved towards reshaping the home by combining all of the living area rooms into one big, open space. This layout promotes the family togetherness, but also creates a noisy atmosphere. With the addition of carpet, sound is absorbed rather than bounced off the floor and back onto the walls and furniture. Results from tests show that there is a pronounced “hush” in carpeted rooms.

2. Carpet and cushion reduces noise better »

Carpet serves as an effective noise-reducer because it absorbs the sound of foot traffic within the home. These results are even more pronounced with the addition of carpet cushion. Research shows that properly specified carpet and cushion combinations produce better noise-reduction than carpet alone. Carpet cushion also increases comfort and ergonomic qualities, adds insulation, and extends the life of your carpet by protecting it against wear and tear.

The CRI “Residential Carpet Installation Standard, CRI 105″ calls for carpet cushion that is both firm and resilient and no more than 7/16 of an inch thick. Under the thinner carpet styles, such as some Berbers, use an even thinner cushion – maximum 3/8”.

3. Carpet and cushion insulate between floors »

Carpet works as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block sound transmission to rooms below. Carpet and carpet cushion are especially effective in masking the “hollow” sound from foot traffic often associated with staircases. Specific noise reduction data can be obtained from CRI.

What safety do your carpets provide for Seniors?

Well known for its ability to provide warmth and style to a room, absorb unwanted noise, and provide firm traction, our carpets are continuing to gain a reputation as the floor covering of choice for senior adults and their families.

1. Safety is tops »

Safety is a top consideration for seniors, who seek a stable, non-slick walking surface that protects them from “slip and fall” accidents. Carpeted surfaces are significantly more effective at preventing slips and falls than hard, smooth surfaces.

Maintaining balance, a consideration for individuals who use braces, a cane or a walker, can be less difficult with low pile carpet combined with an extra firm cushion. CRI also recommends securely fastening carpet and rugs to provide firmer footing.

Carpet can also reduce or eliminate reflected glare, minimizing disorientation, and can reduce leg fatigue associated with walking or standing on hard surfaces.

2. Healing colors »

Studies have shown that color has psychological affects on moods. With this in mind, blues, greens, teal, mauve, coral, peach and warm neutrals are often chosen for their soothing effects. Avoid “hot” tones such as red, which may raise blood pressures for some, and yellow, which may cause nausea and anxiety to someone that already is not feeling well.

Color also plays a significant role with Alzheimer’s patients. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, patients remember colors better than numbers; therefore, color in carpet can provide a memory link and better help to orient a person to a specific room or area.

3. Acoustics – It’s quieter »

Privacy and unwanted noise can sometimes challenge senior parents, who appreciate their independence and may not be used to the noise levels created by visiting family members.

Carpet’s ability to absorb airborne sound, reduce surface noise (“footfall noises”), and block sound transmission from floor to floor is well known. Carpet with an attached or separate cushion is the most effective way to control noise and minimize sound indoors.

4. Comfort – Warm your ankles »

Seniors whose feet and ankles are susceptible to temperature changes, will stay warmer on carpet due to its natural insulating properties. The surface temperature of carpet is substantially higher than that of hard surfaces due to its pile construction that acts as an efficient thermal insulator.

How thick is the pile of a carpet?

The thickness of the pile varies depending on the style or the category of the carpet.

When should I use under-padding?

Under-padding is generally recommended only for thinner carpets since it will prevent the carpet from slipping and helps it stay in place. It also provides a cushion-effect which many people prefer, and will also help in prolonging the life of your carpet by preventing pile crush, and protects the carpet from the effects of sharp objects like heels, furniture, etc.

What are tassels or fringes?

A fringe (also known as tassels) is the extension of warp strands in carpets; they are knotted at the ends to ensure that the wefts and the knots do not unravel. It also adds beauty to the overall appearance of the carpet.

Why do the fringes of a carpet vary in terms of length and (sometimes) appearance?

The exact length of the fringes depends on the weaving of the carpet and the weaver who has produced the carpet. Fringes are sometimes trimmed short, sometimes long, and in older carpets they may be braided or non-existent. The type or length of the fringe of a carpet has little to do with its value or quality. Each carpet being unique has its very own unique fringe.

Do all handmade carpets have some imperfections?

Yes, nearly all handmade carpets have (some) imperfections and since they are entirely handmade, this is completely acceptable and customary. These little imperfections also add to the value, significance and attribute of the carpet. In nomadic (tribal) carpets, most variations are unintentional, but simply due to the fact that it is much harder for nomadic weavers to manufacture the carpets, than it is for workshop weavers who have access to better facilities. The looms used in rural areas are usually very basic horizontal looms placed on the floor, which makes it much more difficult for the weavers to knot a perfectly symmetrical carpet or a rug.

Some carpets have different shades/nuances, is there a fault or defect in such carpets?

No, there is no fault or defect in these carpets. What you notice is known as an Abrash (can be seen in certain carpets only). An Abrash is a Turkish term that means partly colored. This difference in nuances is generally found in nomadic (tribal) carpets, and it occurs when a weaver uses yarn from a dye that was not done in the exact same shade as the previously used. The Abrash therefore adds more character and charisma to the carpet and is symbolic of the extraordinary surroundings where some of these fascinating carpets are made.

Do you use child labor for making your carpets?

No, absolutely not we never ever use child-labor in producing our carpets in any circumstances. We encourage our customers to visit and inspect our workshops where all our carpets are produced. Independent inspectors and government officials also monitor the production of our carpets and also check the working conditions and that no children are involved in the production at any given time. Please click here to read our policy on this critical issue.

What kind of dyes do you use? Are these fast colors?

Almost all our carpets and rugs have SWISS Chrome dyes, except for the Caravan carpets and certain Jhelum rugs. However we can incorporate SWISS Chrome dyes or Organic dyes for custom-ordered carpets based on specific requirements.

In the beginning of 20th century, began the usage of synthetic colors known as Chrome dyes. These were reliable and fast (do not run) and resembled the natural dyes by being sun- and wash proof (they keep their colors when being washed and exposed to sunlight). Today one can find the chrome dyes in a large variety of nuances and in almost 95% of production in the world of carpets.

Chrome dyes are a special group of azo-dyes (acid direct dyes) which interact with a non-traditional mordant, chromic oxide, and are then firmly bound to the fiber, resisting acids, alkalis, and light.

All our carpets and rugs, irrespective of the dyes that we use, are guaranteed for color fastness, bleeding, etc.

Do the colors on the CARPETSOFKASHMIR.COM website match the colors of the actual rugs?

All CARPETSOFKASHMIR.COM rug images shown on this website have been professionally photographed and enhanced to show the true colors and intricate details of each rug. However, due to differences in color settings on individual monitors, CARPETSOFKASHMIR.COM cannot insure that each rug is absolutely color correct to the image on this website.

What are the available sizes for each of the rug patterns?

Consumers can find out the sizing for each of our collections by reviewing the varied size options at our home page.

Do your rugs come with and without fringe?

There are some collections that are available without the fringe (also called tassels), while a majority of our carpets come with the fringe. Most rugs are constructed with fringe, unless otherwise noted. However you can specify your requirement of the fringe while placing your order for any of our rugs whether in ready inventory or the custom-ordered option.

How do you get a rug to lay flat?

Getting a rug to lay flat can be easily done using the reverse roll method – simple roll the rug in the opposite direction. We also highly recommend laying a rug pad down directly underneath the carpet.

How do I go about purchasing a rug?

When you find a rug you wish to purchase, please click on theWish List? link within its details page. A “details” page for a particular rug can be accessed by clicking on the rug’s thumbnail image or carpet number within a particular rug gallery.

Rugs on our web site are almost always available, as the web site is updated continuously to update the status of all items. Once we receive your Wish List, we will immediately contact you either through e-mail or telephone (you may specify your preference) to finalize and/or discuss your requirements. After you have arrived at a decision, we will provide you various options for making the payment

  • Credit/Charge Card Visa, Master Card or American Express.
  • Wire Transfer please note that your bank will charge a fee for this payment method.
  • Paypal
  • Check or Demand Draft payable in US Dollars, Euros or Indian Rupees

Once we receive the payment, we will immediately ship your rug(s) and send you a FedEx tracking number via e-mail. This will enable you to track your consignment online at http://www.fedex.com during transit. Any of the above payment options take anywhere between 2-5 business days.

Click here to go to our shipping option page.

How long does it take for delivery?

International delivery usually takes between 3 and 5 business days through FedEx from Mumbai, India.

Can I track my shipment online?

Once rugs are shipped, carpetsofkashmir.com provides all customers with an online tracking number and instructions to track their rugs online during the course of the delivery period.

What is the cost of shipping?

We ship all our consignments from Mumbai, India through FedEx only. And at this present moment, we are shipping FREE of cost to most parts of the world, including USA, Canada, Europe, most of Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius and South Africa.

For all other regions, a detailed quotation is provided in our reply to your inquiry based on the destination and the weight of the consignment. We strictly follow a ‘No Profit – No Loss’ principle for our shipping cost, that means we charge you the exact same amount what our shipping company charge us for shipment in these parts of the world. Also we do not charge a single dollar for the water-proof, tamper-proof packaging that we do for all our consignments.

Shipping Cost »

Shipping costs depend upon two important factors.

The destination country & place where the Order has to be shipped.
Total weight of your Order.

Shipping Partner »

All our shipments are sent through FedEx as they are the world’s premier logistics carriers having an extensive network in all parts of the world.

Shipping & Delivery Time »

International delivery usually takes between 3 and 5 business days through FedEx from Mumbai, India. This is after we receive your confirmed order and/or payment.

Customs »

You may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information.

Additionally, when ordering from Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. Generally, customs forms for international packages will list the value of your order’s contents by product type. We would like our international customers and customers shipping products internationally to be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.

Also, we may provide certain order, shipment and product information, such as types of carpets, to our international carriers, and such information may be communicated by the carriers to customs authorities in order to facilitate customs clearance and comply with local laws.

Insurance »

All rugs are insured during the delivery period. If a rug is delivered to you in damaged condition or has been lost during the shipping period, customers will receive a full refund.

Duties/Taxes »

United States of America »

Most US customers do not have to pay any duties or taxes on their purchases, as the rugs are usually for personal use. Officially, however, US duties/taxes for rugs are very modest, ranging from 0% to 3.5% of the rug’s purchase price. For shipments over US$2000, customers may be charged 0.21% or a minimum of US$25 by FedEx for customs clearance services. Customers may be contacted by FedEx when the shipments arrive in the USA, to confirm that the rugs were ordered by them and to obtain any information needed at the time (such as additional address details, social security numbers if duty/taxes are to be applied, etc.).

Duty/taxes and FedEx charges, when applicable, are sent to the customer in the form of a bill sometime after the rugs have been delivered. FedEx will handle all customs clearance and related procedures. Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days includes customs clearance time by FedEx. All deliveries to the United States are charged a Merchandize Processing Fee (MPF) of US$ 25 by the US Customs Service. In addition, couriers usually add US$ 5 for advancing any duty that may be applied. Payment for MPF and the courier’s advance duty fee is the responsibility of the customer.

European Union »

Customers are required to pay VAT when their rugs enter their country of residence (FedEx will pay VAT for customers and send them a bill on or sometime after delivery). In addition, duty may apply when rugs are processed for customs clearance and varies from country to country. However, many customers are not charged duty, as the rugs are for personal use. For all other EU countries, please contact your local customs authority.

FedEx will handle all customs clearance and related procedures. Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days includes customs clearance time by FedEx.

United Kingdom »

Customers are required to pay VAT, currently at 17.5% for handmade rugs, when their rugs enter the United Kingdom. In addition, duty may apply when rugs are processed for customs clearance. This can range between 0 to 8% of the purchase price.

FedEx will handle all customs clearance and related procedures. Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days includes customs clearance time by FedEx.

Australia »

There is no duty for handmade rugs. However, customers must pay 10% GST on the total invoiced value of the shipment.

FedEx will handle all customs clearance and related procedures. Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days includes customs clearance time by FedEx.

Singapore »

Customers are required to pay tax, currently at 5% for handmade rugs, when their rugs enter Singapore. In addition, duty may apply when rugs are processed for customs clearance.

FedEx will handle all customs clearance and related procedures. Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days includes customs clearance time by FedEx.

Canada »

Import duties are currently at 6.5% for hand-knotted rugs and 12.5% for hand-woven rugs (or Kilims). Additionally, goods imported into Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrado will incur a Harmonized Sales Tax of 13% (this is inclusive of 5% GST). For other provinces, a minimum of 5% GST will be applied. Taxes are applied to the Canadian dollar value of the goods, including any duty applied to the goods. FedEx will handle all customs clearance and related procedures. Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days includes customs clearance time by FedEx.

All other countries »

For duty/tax information for other countries, please contact your local customs office.

Can I track my shipment online?

Once rugs are shipped, carpetsofkashmir.com provides all customers with an online tracking number and instructions to track their rugs online during the course of the delivery period.

How do I have additional images of a rug sent to me?

Carpetsofkashmir.com is happy to provide customers with additional photos of rugs, such as close-up images, to help clarify the rugs colors and design. On the inquiry page, fill in your contact details, request additional photos in the questions/comments field, and press the “Submit Inquiry” button.

Alternatively, send us an e-mail at contact@carpetsofkashmir.com or with the number of the carpet you are interested in, mentioning that you would like to see additional images of the rug.

What is RugAssure?

RugAssure is a Certificate of Quality that is issued by our company – Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises that guarantees the product sold by us as authentic and provides a lifelong assurance to you for the quality and genuineness of the product bought by you.

How is RugAssure Certificate issued?

All our products go through a unique quality-check program undertaken by us whereby each and every carpet or rug that is manufactured in our factory goes through a rigorous physical inspection for any possible manufacturing defects, size variations, flaws in designs or color-matching, etc.

After an extensive exercise of this meticulous procedure our carpets and rugs are finally endorsed with the cherished – RugAssure Certificate of Quality that vouches for the authenticity of the carpet for its entire lifetime. However, please note that this certification is our internal assessment and is not appraised by any government body as of today.

What is the importance of RugAssure?

In a highly unorganized cottage industry like carpet weaving where the only guarantees offered to the buyer is the ‘trusted word’ as spoken by the carpet-seller, we have therefore initiated the unique principle of selling all our carpets only with a genuine RugAssure Certificate that stands for a promise of guarantee and assurance for all our products.

Each RugAssure Certificate carries a stamp of approval from our RugAssure department and verifies all the important yardsticks of quality by which the carpet weaving technique is universally adjudged.

Your RugAssure Certificate will inform you about these important points of your carpet purchase:

  • Type of materials or fibers used in the making of the carpet.
  • Synopsis of the design, pattern and motif along with a brief background of the weaver/artist
  • Exact dimensions/size of the carpet
  • Number of knots per square inch (or knots per square meter) and weight in the hand-tufted rugs per square foot that is verified by an expert examiner
  • Type of colors or dyes that have used in the carpet
  • Place of origin including the exact village or town where the carpet has been made
  • A declaration of the carpet being made without any Child-Labor
  • The value or the price of the carpet (available only on request)
Is RugAssure Certificate recognized worldwide or in the carpet industry?

No, as there are no set standards in this highly fragmented industry it is extremely difficult to achieve a common minimum program of issuing such Certificates of Quality and guarantees across the carpet industry in India and across the world.

However there are plans to change this mindset in the carpet industry and we have thus initiated a debate with several reputed carpet dealers and the government of India in this matter and hope to arrive at a consensus program that would make it paramount for the carpet industry to recognize the RugAssure Certificate of Quality so that it becomes the most important (and compulsory) document for the carpet buyer.

Till this happens what is the significance of the RugAssure Certificate?

Your RugAssure Certificate of Quality would nevertheless be the single most important document to look out for while you are purchasing a carpet in India for several reasons that have been explained in detail in FAQs – 2 & 3.

Moreover with each carpet purchased with the RugAssure Certificate we offer an earnest assertion of money-back guarantee to you if our stated facts in the RugAssure Certificate pertaining to the quality of the carpet are proven otherwise by a reputed or an industry recognized carpet appraiser in any part of world.*

* We would not entertain a refund in the event of a frivolous claim or a contrary report as submitted by a carpet dealer in India or outside only for competitive reasons and with mala fide intentions. We also uphold our right to reject any such fraudulent claims if submitted by any ordinary carpet dealer or a self-claimed expert.

Also while submitting a contradictory version of a quality certificate you may note that we will scrutinize the certificate thoroughly and finally refer it to a neutral appraiser for his comments. We will issue an appropriate refund amount only if we receive any adverse remarks in the arbitrator’s report.

We may choose to withdraw this program at any given time and without any prior notice.

How do I make the payment once I decide to buy from your site?

There are several options for you to make the purchase once you have taken the decision to buy from us. For a detailed explanation please visit our Payment Options page.

Are there any duties or taxes that I need to pay when importing your products?

Though there are NO duties, taxes or VAT for our products that are exported (shipped) outside India, there maybe such applicable charges depending on your country’s local tax or duty structure.

Other important information!

All our carpets are made with the finest quality of Azo-free, chrome dyes that prevent bleeding or running of the dyes while washing, spot-cleaning or dry-cleaning the carpet. The colors though fast are not completely fade-proof. We, therefore, recommend the carpet to be rotated periodically if exposed to direct or harsh sunlight.

All our carpets are fundamentally treated with anti-fungus, moth, etc. procedures and are thus completely safe from most pest attacks.

The life expectancy of our carpets is estimated at 70 – 80 years making them virtually a lifetime purchase.

Please note that the color names assigned to the carpets are only meant to be for representational purposes and are to be considered within the writer’s literary expression domain. As a result, any literal or actual meaning derived due to such identities will be subject to discretion involving artistic and literary language.

Also, we do our best to present the products on our website to match their original color and grandeur. While great effort has been made to accurately reproduce products in their original grandeur, there may be minor variations in color of the actual product because of the color variations between the actual product and that is displayed on the screen due to digital photography and color settings and capabilities of monitors. We request you to place an order keeping in mind this minor variation in color as seen on a computer screen against the actual color of the product received.

It is practically impossible for us to replicate the same colors on the product/s as seen on your computer/mobile/tablet or any other device/s. Any variation in the shade selected by you is considered as a normal practice as these products have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under different light and weather, type of camera used for photography or type and settings on the electronic screen.

Please note that our company does not assume any responsibility for any dissatisfaction or discrepancy as a result of this.