Wall Hanging Rugs

Are you tired of seeing paintings, tapestry, etc. on your walls and do you want to go different? How about our Oriental carpets and rugs as wall-hangings? Wall hanging rugs are an unique way to display these handmade and hand-knotted rugs for your living rooms, dining room and even bedrooms.

Flower vase wall hanging carpet
Flower vase wall hanging carpet

The most popular sizes of wall hanging rugs are 5ft by 3ft and 6ft by 4ft in pure silk, pure wool and blend of wool and silk.

Inspired from ornate and magnificent Palaces of the Orient is the art of having a hand-made, hand-knotted Oriental carpet or a rug on your walls.

Create a well-lit niche in the wall of your Living Room and try the concept of our carpets as Wall-hangings. It will break the clutter. A work of art like the Tree-of-Life or The Hunt in pure silk will be absolutely fantastic.

Choose from a range of sizes such as 3 by 2, 4 by 2 , 5 by 3, 6 by 4 or a 7 by 5 in wool, wool/silk or in pure silk (most preferable for the intricate detailing) in a dazzling range of color options. We also assist you in suggesting ways to hang the carpet along with selecting the right size, colors and design.

Our Mumbai based showroom at World Trade Center; houses 2,000+ carpets ranging in the vast range of selection.

Custom order wall hanging rugs »

We offer complete custom order services for our clients looking for unique carpets for their bespoke homes.

When you select to have a custom made wall hanging rug; you will have complete control towards crafting an unique carpet.

You are no longer bound to the regular rectangular shape, you can get a carpet that is square, circular, triangular, hexagonal and even an octagonal shape.

You have the choice of having your wall-hanging in pure silk / pure wool or a blend of wool and silk.

wall hanging oriental rug
Wall hanging oriental rug

Latest Wall Hanging Rugs »

Pure Silk

Carnelian Qum

Pure Silk

Crystal Pink Qum

Pure Silk

Dusty Coral Qum


Glacial Blue Qum

Pure Silk

Lantana Qum


Red Clay Qum

Pure Silk

Royal Blue Qum


Winter White Qum

Wall hanging oriental carpet
Wall hanging oriental carpet

Conclusion »

Unlike the regular carpets and rugs, the wall hanging rugs are generally pictorial in design, as these can be used for the display purpose.

Some of the examples have been displayed here; to illustrate the style in which the carpets can be showcased in your home or even corporate offices.


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