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Custom Order - Oriental Carpet

Celadon Green Herat
  • Name: Celadon Green Herat (Persian origin)
  • Manufacturing: Hand-made, hand-knotted
  • Description : Herat (Infinity) is one of the most popular of our carpet designs as this has a lasting appeal that is timeless and at the same time evokes passion amongst the carpet connoisseurs. Probably the only design in the floral pattern, Herat, has no central medallion of any kind and this is what makes this design very rare. It is hence a most sought after carpet to be placed under a dining or a center table as it eliminates the dilemma of having a medallion carpet under the dining table with its entire focal point getting hidden as a result. This motif is said to be the result of the inspiration from the age-old human longing to be immortal and live life till infinity. The design of Herat exemplifies this eternal quest wherein one can live forever provided he is never born. Here the weaver shows exactly that no central medallion (womb of a mother) and therefore the flowers entwined in vines branching out into the open ever so ceaselessly and never coming to a stop (end of life, therefore immortal). Contemporary influence can be seen in the chic color matching of celadon green as the backdrop with sandy beige in the border refreshingly combined with soft shades of emerald green, plum, brick, gold and ivory elevates this carpet to the grade of a masterpiece. Also this is probably a rare chance that a Jhelum carpet is available ready-in-stock and you would not like to miss such an opportunity to purchase such a classic piece of art.
  • Other Features: Moth Proof
  • P.S. All our hand-knotted carpets and rugs come with a fringe (tassels) including this carpet. Wool and wool/silk blend carpets usually have a cotton fringe while all our silk carpets have a fringe made of 100% pure silk. This photograph has been cropped for aesthetic purpose only.