Soma is our newest range of Bohemian-style rugs inspired from the Oushak style of rugs of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire. The Oushak rugs have adorned hundreds of palaces, museums, and cultural centers across the world.

The 12 ft x 9 ft size Soma rugs are perfect for Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, oversized Bedrooms, and Game Rooms.

Besides the 12 ft x 9 ft size, Soma rugs are also available in the 10 ft x 8 ft, 14 ft x 10 ft and 18 ft x 12 ft sizes as well. We would be delighted to share pictures, prices, and related details with you for any of these sizes upon request.

Each of our Soma rugs is an artwork by itself in the truest sense of nomadic and free-flowing genre of designs…the color palettes are unconventional and are custom-created for the contemporary and modern décor of today. Be it, the affluent Hamptons in New York, the swish homes of London, uber cool pads of Singapore, or the lavish homes in Mumbai, our signature Soma rug will lend character to your décor.

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Made from handspun wool these rugs are a symphony of luxury and incomparable resilience for everyday wear and tear. The colors are dyed using our proprietary expertise of Abrash (distress-dyeing) to enhance the vintage look and the fringe is just about the right length to ensure the rug looks chic and formal.

Soma (nectar for immortality in Sanskrit) rugs ooze with and undulating pizzazz that capture the unchained spirit and are a rhapsodic tribute to the 70s! A Soma rug is a perfect anecdote to laze around with your loved ones!

In addition to oriental carpets and rugs, we have a vast range of wool and cotton durries.

Send us an email at for special prices and for custom-made options of Soma rugs.

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