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Wool is said to be the most tensile and durable material ever known to man. The use of wool in making carpets is an art that is almost 450 years old. We have taken inspiration from this age-old art of weaving the highest quality of carpets & rugs by using the most discernible qualities of wool Fine Kashmir (Cashmere) wool and Fine Merino wool that is being sourced and imported from New Zealand .

Fine Kashmir (Cashmere) wool and Fine Merino ( New Zealand ) wool carpets & rugs are the most excellent grade in the pure wool category as these carpets have very high number of knots per square inch and thus have beautiful intricate designs and motifs. Due to the inherent long-lasting nature of Fine Kashmir (Cashmere) and Fine Merino (New Zealand) wool these carpets are exceptionally good for an area where there is lot of traffic and high wear and tear (like in dining rooms, common living rooms, corridors, passages, etc.) and are the most preeminent quality that are being produced in Kashmir.

The unique characteristic quality of Fine Kashmir (Cashmere) and Fine Merino ( New Zealand ) wool adds infinite durability to the carpet and gives luster, shine and intricate design, workmanship to the meticulous design of the carpet or rug and its weave.

For generations now, palaces, castles, homes and work places have had hand-made, hand-knotted wool carpets in various hues, designs and motifs produced in the valley of Kashmir . Our superb and exhilarating selection of Fine Kashmir (Cashmere) and Fine Merino ( New Zealand ) wool carpets & rugs are perfect for every home and will undoubtedly become a part of your cherished heirloom!

NOTE: All our hand-knotted carpets and rugs come with a fringe (tassels) including this carpet. Wool and wool/silk blend carpets usually have a cotton fringe while all our silk carpets have a fringe made of 100% pure silk. The photographs have been cropped for aesthetics purpose only.

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