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Symbolism in Oriental Carpets & Rugs »

Geometrically patterned Kashmir carpets, are decorated with linear elements composed of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, and are formed by a repetition of the same motif. The motif of a carpet can be used to determine the particular tribe, or place of origin.

A pattern, whether in nature or art, relies upon three characteristics: a unit, repetition, and a system of organization.

Symmetry is a fundamental organizing principle in nature and in culture. The analysis of symmetry allows for understanding the organization of a pattern, and provides a means for determining both invariance and change.

By varying relationships within patterns where symmetry is expected, otherwise predictable and repetitive patterns may be transformed into great works of art.

These variations in design occur in the two main parts of the rug: The field (or ground and the borders, which frame the interior (the field of the carpet). Designs fall into two different categories: curvilinear and rectilinear.

The most common motif for Kashmir rugs, especially the larger ones, is a large central medallion. Yet, even if two carpets have basically the same design, no two medallions are ever exactly the same. Some experts believe that the medallion designs stems from the very religious nature of the weavers and that their inspiration probably came from the artwork and patterns of domes of palaces and places of worship.

Symbols and motifs in Kashmir Rugs - Inspired from Persian origin carpets and rugs »

PARROT - Escaping from danger,protection

PEONY - Power

PEACOCK - Immortality

DOG - Protection,Trust & Defense

TREE OF LIFE - Direct Path from Earth To Heaven

LILY - Purity & Spirituality


LOTUS - Rebirth

IRIS - Religious Liberty

BLOSSOM - Youth, Spring, Newly Wed

TULIPS - Prosperity


BOTEH - Flame, Universe

AMULET - Thwarts Evil Eye

HYACINTH - Regeneration

JUG / EWER - Purification

COMB - Cleanliness

DIAMOND - Signifies Women

CROSS - Faith

HERATI - Water Garden, Fish - Mahi

MIHRAB - Gateway to Paradise

STAR - Spirituality, Good Luck

NUMBERS - Signify Dates & Time