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Quality Policy »

The Principle »

Our company's quality policy is based on the age-old principles of tradition, culture and values as epitomized by the philosophies of the Orient. As per the Oriental guidelines we have laid down the roadmap of our corporate structure by revolving around the needs, desires and requirements of our CUSTOMER rather than just focusing on sales targets and hardnosed single-mindedness on the company's bottom-line. We ensure that right from the initial stages of inception up to the final threshold of the display in our store, our products pass through some of the most stringent processes of overall quality checks that serve as a benchmark for the entire industry.

We Listen »

A continual hands-on approach provides an impetus that is carried out in every single facet of our business module. By borrowing generously from tradition, we have incorporated a humane touch in creating products that not only provide immense satisfaction to the weaver but also generates a livelihood that is sustainable for years to come. This approach has slowed down the rush-hour factor that one comes across any standard store of the retail industry. And due to this we have been able to LISTEN to the wants of our CUSTOMER many of which remain unsaid and get entangled in the mesh of an impersonal organization. Our entire business is thus fine-tuned to be proportionate to our ability to LISTEN that guides us to produce products that are invaluable to our CUSTOMERS.

We Answer »

Once we have listened to our CUSTOMER we provide an ANSWER that is simply honest, precise and quick. The ANSWER should be able to provide a complete, all-inclusive satisfaction and solution to our CUSTOMER in the form of the products & services that is expected from us. To relentlessly offer a range of ANSWERS (choice of products) that are from both categories - traditional/oriental and contemporary/minimalist style is the prime objective in this exercise. Constant innovation and keeping ourselves abreast of the latest trends in decor options in various parts of the globe are some of the key factors that help us in providing a perfect ANSWER every single time to our CUSTOMERS.

Children & Caring (Products & Services) »

Yes, that is correct; we do sincerely believe that every product from our company is as loving, adorable, beautiful and unique as one's own CHILD and hence we take utmost CARE for our products up to a lifetime. Each carpet, rug & shawl is created in the same painstaking way as a mother bears a CHILD and there is no need to mention, that, we ensure that our products are given the same love, compassion and attention without compromising on any possible aspects of quality and individuality.

Our Maxim »

To provide products that brings a sense of ecstasy, tranquility and pride to any home or a workplace and mirrors the soul of the owner's character. Our products are certain to develop a lifetime relationship with you and will occupy an irreplaceable place in your mind, heart and inner self.

Our Guarantee »

Every single product from our company is fully covered under guarantee against any kind of a manufacturing defect in materials and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. In the unlikely eventuality of any such defect brought to our light, we will repair or replace the said product at our sole discretion.

The KOCE Pledge »

We sincerely thank you for your interest in our products. We understand that purchasing hand-made carpets is a conscientious decision and buying through a website requires trust and confidence. We recognize that you will want to enjoy your purchase as much decades from now, as upon arrival. It is therefore our sole intention to inspire in you a long-term trust in our business and in our carpets. Our company promises you a pleasant experience from initial selection process, discussions, through receipt of your carpets, rugs, or shawls for decades to come. To that end we offer you this implicit guarantee.

Each carpet and rug from our company is sold with an inherent guarantee from our side and is supported by prestigious documents like Rug Assure and pledged to perfection with the omnipresent seal of our company's famed "K" business motif. The "K" logo contains the letter "K" revolving eight times in a floral symphony first created by our master artist almost 28 years back on a bright sunny morning in the Valley of Flowers - Kashmir . The eight "K" represents the divine eight directions that create and govern our universe thus symbolizing the wide recognition and global acceptance of our humble work that we now present before you.

A comprehensive manual for Care & Maintenance is provided with your purchase and we promise to always follow up to resolve grievances, if any, so that you satisfaction is guaranteed for a lifetime.