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The following terms and conditions apply to sales of all custom-order rugs. Please read through these carefully before proceeding.

  • A minimum of 50% (some cases could be 75%) non-refundable advance payment is required in order for custom orders to be placed. Work on the rug, including designing, wool dyeing, etc., will not start until this advance payment is made.
  • Upon completion of the rug, photos of the rug will be sent to customers. If the rug meets a customer's approval based on the photos, the 50% balance payment must be made before the rug will ship. If a customer is not happy with the rug based on the photos, will attempt to alter the rug to the customer's satisfaction when possible. Otherwise, customers may choose not to complete the transaction. In that case, the rug will not be sent to the customer. Please note that the 50% advance payment will not be refunded and the 50% balance due for the rug will not be charged to the customer.
  • makes every effort to match the colors in photos of rugs as closely as possible to the colors in the actual rugs. However, it is not a perfect process and colors may vary slightly depending on monitor settings (e.g., contrast, brightness, etc). Please be aware that although pictures of rugs shown are representative of the rugs that will be made, there may be some slight variations in color in the actual rug.
  • In addition, the hand-dying of wool (for larger rugs in particular) is dyed in small batches at a time. This can lead to slight variations in one particular color in the rug.
  • Time frames displayed for particular sizes are estimates. Rugs may be completed sooner or a little later. For example, weather conditions can affect the final finishing processes of a rug. If it is raining, a rug cannot be stretched and dried in the sun for a few days (the final process in the production of a handmade rug). Similarly wool must be hung to dry in the sun after dyeing. Extraneous factors outside the control of may cause delays in the completion of a custom order rug, but the estimates provided are generally accurate.
  • Patterns for custom order rugs will be as closely matched as possible to the desired look. However, due to size differences and other (human) variables, slight variations in patterns are possible. In addition, certain types of rugs may have altered patterns in larger or smaller sizes as standard. provides sample photos of rugs in the same pattern in different sizes where possible, but some carpets may not have been made in other sizes before, and as a result, no photo will be available to view. In these cases, will get in touch with customers to confirm certain pattern details and will provide a picture of the design on paper when it has been completed in order to obtain customer approval.