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Handmade wool and silk Corridor Carpets are the second most common shape of a carpet and have been hugely popular in modern day homes and offices for their multipurpose usages. They are (usually) very long and narrow rectangular carpets. We stock handmade silk and wool Corridor Carpets also know as passageway carpets in widths as diverse as 2', 2 ' and 3' and the length ranges from 6' up to 12' but we do provide custom-ordered sizes and in this case the length can be as long as up to 50' and accordingly the width can also be altered as per requirements. These exquisite and unique Corridor Carpets are used as coverings for hallways, stairways, and entrances and incredibly enhance the dcor of your home in the most stately and elegant manner. For this reason, they are also called Corridor rugs.

The use of silk and wool Corridor Carpets also known as passageway carpets / corridor rugs on stairs is a more common practice in the United States than in Europe. Until about 50 - 60 years ago, Corridor Carpets were also used in traditional Persian room arrangements. Many Persian living rooms were covered with a traditional set of rugs including one main piece, Mianfarsh or middle carpet, of approximately 6 to 8 feet wide by 16 to 20 feet long. At the head of the room, a runner called Kellegi was placed. Kellegi measured between 4 to 6 feet wide with a length of about two to three times its width. On each side of the middle carpet, two very narrow and long Corridor Carpets called Kenareh were placed. Kenareh measured between 2.5 to 5 feet wide and anywhere between 5 to 40 feet long. Food was placed on a cloth on the middle rug. The elderly and the host would sit on the headpiece, and everyone else would sit on the two side rugs. All four pieces were sold as a set. A complete set can rarely be found now. Today, as mentioned above, Corridor Carpets are mainly used to cover hallways and stairways, and the wider ones tend to be used for entrances.

Our handmade wool and silk Corridor Carpets also known as passageway carpets / corridor rugs come in two distinct type of materials - pure wool & pure silk that can be used in diverse areas depending on factors like high traffic, area of placement, etc. Pure handmade wool Corridor Carpets / passageway carpets are ideally suited for corridors, stairways or entrances while the beauty and sheer elegance of silk Corridor Carpets can be a perfect match for your dcor in suggested areas like bedside or the foot of your king-size bed, hallways with minimum traffic or any such places of your choice. All the wool and silk Corridor Carpets do come in a wide range of colors, designs, sizes (custom-ordered sizes too) and qualities and you can sometimes even select a runner that complements a larger size carpet for any of your dining or living rooms too that you may want to buy along with the runner. The colors are fast as we are using chrome dyes; the carpets are moth proof too. The life of these types of carpets is 70 - 80 years making them virtually a lifetime purchase.

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