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Q. What is RugAssure?

RugAssure is a Certificate of Quality that is issued by our company – Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises that guarantees the product sold by us as authentic and provides a lifelong assurance to you for the quality and genuineness of the product bought by you.

Q. How is RugAssure Certificate issued?

All our products go through a unique quality-check program undertaken by us whereby each and every carpet or rug that is manufactured in our factory goes through a rigorous physical inspection for any possible manufacturing defects, size variations, flaws in designs or color-matching, etc.

After an extensive exercise of this meticulous procedure our carpets and rugs are finally endorsed with the cherished – RugAssure Certificate of Quality that vouches for the authenticity of the carpet for its entire lifetime. However, please note that this certification is our internal assessment and is not appraised by any government body as of today.

Q. What is the importance of RugAssure?

In a highly unorganized cottage industry like carpet weaving where the only guarantees offered to the buyer is the ‘trusted word’ as spoken by the carpet-seller, we have therefore initiated the unique principle of selling all our carpets only with a genuine RugAssure Certificate that stands for a promise of guarantee and assurance for all our products.

Each RugAssure Certificate carries a stamp of approval from our RugAssure department and verifies all the important yardsticks of quality by which the carpet weaving technique is universally adjudged.

Your RugAssure Certificate will inform you about these important points of your carpet purchase:

  • Type of materials or fibers used in the making of the carpet.
  • Synopsis of the design, pattern and motif along with a brief background of the weaver/artist
  • Exact dimensions/size of the carpet
  • Number of knots per square inch (or knots per square meter) and weight in the hand-tufted rugs per square foot that is verified by an expert examiner
  • Type of colors or dyes that have used in the carpet
  • Place of origin including the exact village or town where the carpet has been made
  • A declaration of the carpet being made without any Child-Labor
  • The value or the price of the carpet (available only on request)

Q. Is RugAssure Certificate recognized worldwide or in the carpet industry?

No, as there are no set standards in this highly fragmented industry it is extremely difficult to achieve a common minimum program of issuing such Certificates of Quality and guarantees across the carpet industry in India and across the world.

However there are plans to change this mindset in the carpet industry and we have thus initiated a debate with several reputed carpet dealers and the government of India in this matter and hope to arrive at a consensus program that would make it paramount for the carpet industry to recognize the RugAssure Certificate of Quality so that it becomes the most important (and compulsory) document for the carpet buyer.

Q. Till this happens what is the significance of the RugAssure Certificate?

Your RugAssure Certificate of Quality would nevertheless be the single most important document to look out for while you are purchasing a carpet in India for several reasons that have been explained in detail in FAQs – 2 & 3.

Moreover with each carpet purchased with the RugAssure Certificate we offer an earnest assertion of money-back guarantee to you if our stated facts in the RugAssure Certificate pertaining to the quality of the carpet are proven otherwise by a reputed or an industry recognized carpet appraiser in any part of world.*

* We would not entertain a refund in the event of a frivolous claim or a contrary report as submitted by a carpet dealer in India or outside only for competitive reasons and with mala fide intentions. We also uphold our right to reject any such fraudulent claims if submitted by any ordinary carpet dealer or a self-claimed expert.

Also while submitting a contradictory version of a quality certificate you may note that we will scrutinize the certificate thoroughly and finally refer it to a neutral appraiser for his comments. We will issue an appropriate refund amount only if we receive any adverse remarks in the arbitrator’s report.

We may choose to withdraw this program at any given time and without any prior notice.

Sample of the Rug Assure Certificate