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In another step forward, into the world of exclusivity and distinctiveness, we now launch the highly anticipated Bespoke carpets & rugs. Each Bespoke carpet or a rug is individual and singular and always remains that way. Bespoke, as we know, is a British term for select hand-made, hand-crafted products.

Each one of our Bespoke carpet or a rug is truly a masterpiece a work of art, an expression of emotion. We believe that nature and art has a deep-rooted symbiotic relationship. Nature and craft, both involve interplay of the five elements, a transformation of form to suit a particular function and above all, represent the evolution of consciousness in a specific society. Just how color, design or a motif has been used in a certain culture, signifies its spiritual growth and consequently its ability to comprehend the incomprehensible.

Each of our Bespoke product is infused with soul energy, and nurtured by intense concentration and is brought to life. All hand-crafted products are therefore spiritual, since they involve a concerted degree of meditation and skill. There has to be a feeling of complete self-giving to achieve impeccable perfection, to create a Bespoke rug. In doing so, the entire energy of the artist needs to be channelized towards the act of creation. The artist needs to be truly connected with the art, so that purity can flow through. When such art manifests, it is rare, unequaled, it is Bespoke.

So that all our Bespoke Carpets & Rugs remain unique, these can be only custom-ordered, true to this collections nomenclature. We have a large range of design options to choose from in varied colors, but of course, we encourage you to send us your own designs if you want your Bespoke rug to have your own signature style. You can choose any design from the Internet, magazine, catalogue, etc. and send its picture or sketch to us and we will collaborate together to produce a distinct and a rare masterpiece for you.

We are based at World Trade Centre, Mumbai and we specialise in custom ordered rugs for our international clients. We will be glad to assist you in designing your own carpet, feel free to contact us.