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100% pure Merino (New Zealand) Wool Carpet ยป 9' x 6' - 2.72 meters x 1.82 meters

  • Name: Antique White Caravan
  • Manufacturing: Hand-made, hand-knotted
  • Size: 9' x 6' - 2.72 meters x 1.82 meters
  • Suggested Placement: Living Room
  • Pile: 100% pure Merino (New Zealand) Wool
  • Warp (Foundation): Cotton
  • Ground (Field) Color: Antique White
  • Border Color: Burnt Ochre
  • Other Colors: Burnished Gold and Golden Palm; also refer to the photo.
  • Dyes: Azo-free, organic (natural origin) and eco-friendly dyes
  • Knots per m2: Approx. 502,000
  • Design: Tribal
  • Design Origin: Persian
  • Collection : Caravan
  • Other Features: Herbal wash, moth proof and tea-water dyed tassels (fringes)
  • Made in India
  • Custom order option available: Can be custom-ordered in any size, colors, shape and quality. Please email or call us with your requirements and for a free estimate.
  • Price On Request: Please mail us at or call us at our 24-hour numbers + 91-22 2218 3284 / + 91-22 2218 8851 / +91-98193 09474 and we will provide an immediate response.
  • P.S. All our hand-knotted carpets and rugs come with a fringe (tassels) including this carpet. Wool and wool/silk blend carpets usually have a cotton fringe while all our silk carpets have a fringe made of 100% pure silk. This photograph has been cropped for aesthetic purpose only.