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8' x 5' Area (2.40 meters x 1.50 meters) Carpets & Rugs »

Pure Silk »

8 by 5 Pure silk area rug
8 by 5 Pure silk Coffee table rug
Pure silk Coffee table rug of 8 by 5 size
Pure silk Coffee table rug of 8 by 5 size
Pure silk Coffee table rug of 8 by 5 size

Pure Wool »

8 by 5 Wool carpet ready for sale

8 by 5 is an extremely popular size for all homes and is a great choice for work places, like in a corner room next to your mahogany desk. This is where a CEO or founder of a company gets to showcase her wide ranging interests in all forms of art…and what better way than a lustrous and intricately woven pure silk rug with an extravagant Persian motif!

A 8 by 5 size carpet can be imaginatively used as a wall hanging too, especially if you can lay your hands on a unique motif such as “The Hunt” or a Shalimar-Hamadan that represents the four eternal seasons of the valley of flowers…Kashmir. Or you can custom order a portrait (picture) carpet made of wool with select motifs highlighted in bamboo silk as well. Be your own artist and design a unique piece of art which you will never leave behind even if you have left the company’s office! Get in touch with us at for a free consultation and quotation as per your required specifications.

We have one of the finest selections in pure silk and silk blended with cotton for that added sturdiness in the 8 by 5 size. All our silk carpets are created by some of the most highly gifted artists from Kashmir, many of whom have been in the trade since last 7 centuries! This is truly an exceptional art and more than the buyer, it is the creator who is immensely happy when he sees the smile on your face after you have just lovingly spoken few words of appreciation. That’s much, much more valuable than the money which is received.

A 8 by 5 size carpet is also referred as a companion rug. A companion rug is usually paired with the main rug in the Living Room which could be either a 14’x10’ or 12’x9’ size carpet. This is when your interior designer gives a suggestion to bifurcate the sitting area into two separate zones – a formal area and the other being a fun or a relaxed corner with light, breezy furniture all around.

We offer an abundant range of the most beautiful 8 by 5 size carpets and rugs you will ever come across from Kashmir and other regions of India. If Oriental or classic is your style then choose from palatial and royal motifs such as Tabrez, Arak or the highly intricate Heriz and if you want to spruce up a funky corner then go for a rustic Bokhara, Caravan or select an avant-garde rug from our Ciele range of custom made rugs. Be it any décor we guarantee you will find our dream rug at our store and it will remain the most prized possession for years to come!