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3' x 2' (0.90 meters x 0.60 meters) Area Rugs & Carpets »

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3 by 2 area rug
area rug - 3 by 2 pure wool
pure wool 3 x 2 carpet
3 by 2 pure wool rug
2 by 3 pure wool area rug

Don’t they say good things come in small packages? And we totally agree with this adage! Our best selection of hand-made carpets – be it the hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs – we have the finest range to offer in the cute size of 3 by 2.

Did you know that 3 by 2 size is a recent phenomenon in the world of hand-made carpets and rugs? Yes that’s true…carpets and rugs are known to mankind since at least 7 centuries however it was not until the late 18th century that a provincial prince in Babylon chanced upon a smallish masterpiece in wool with silk adornment and immediately took a liking for it. This was the famed design of Qum representing four seasons with dramatic colors and representation of the elements. And that’s how families started weaving smaller sizes like 3 by 2 and 4’x2’6”.

Our 3 by 2 carpets and rugs are made in varying categories such as hand-knotted masterpieces deftly created from hand-spun Highland Kashmir wool, mulberry silk and at times with a blend of wool with lustrous silk thereby adding to the magnificence of this art.

A perfect choice as a gift…3 by 2 carpet or a rug will leave you with eternal and heartfelt compliments. And with prices starting from just US$45.00 (you read that right!) for a modern, contemporary design rug there is really no reason for you not to gift a stunning hand-made creation to your best friend who is getting married or to your employees who have worked so hard for your company’s profits.

And we also offer special monogramming services for our custom made rugs as well. Get in touch with us at and be amazed with the tailor made solutions we can offer to further boost your profits and enhance your relationships.

We have an amazing range of ready in stock carpets and rugs in the 3 by 2 size for the budget conscious buyer as well. These carpets and rugs are hand-made and hand-knotted with lustrous silk and foundation of sturdy cotton to enhance the durability too. Besides we also have flat weaves made of organic materials such as hemp, cotton, wool and bamboo silk in breathtaking designs and collage of vivid colors too.

There is virtually no place or area in your home where you cannot place a 3 by 2 size carpet or a rug. Ideal places are entryways, stair landings, bedside, next to the fireplace, in front of the foyer and of course can be used as a wall hanging too.

Designs such as Firdauz, Kashan, Chobash Ersari or a Baluch Bokhara are some of the popular ones. Or you can choose any design from the web and we promise to recreate the same for you in the 3 by 2 size or any other size you prefer.

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Wool area rug - 3 by 2
3 by 2 - Coffee Table Carpets Rugs
3 by 2 - Coffee Table Carpets Rugs
3 by 2 - Coffee Table Rug
3 by 2 - Coffee Table Carpets